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Unlock the potential of
short term leasing

We provide a comprehensive property management service so you can experience all the benefits of short term leasing without any of the work.

We leverage short term letting platforms like Airbnb to generate higher returns from your property.

We enhance traditional investments by utilising the sharing economy.  We do this because we truly believe that travel is an incredible way to experience the world and we are proud to help property owners give back to the travel community whilst still enjoying higher returns on their investments. This is property management like never before.

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Benefits of hiring a Property Manager

Earn more from your property than traditional leasing

Access to a dedicated property manager who takes care of your property

We do all the work for you so you can rest and enjoy the fruits of your investment

Guest reviews mean we're incentivised to maintain your property properly

Your property is inspected and cleaned professionally between every guest

24/7 check in for guests

Our Services

Full Management

We manage your property from A to Z. Zero hassles for you.

Furnishing Service

We get your property ready with a personalised and affordable setup.

Guest Assistance Only

You take care of your bookings, we'll take care of the guest greeting and assistance. 24/7. 

Housekeeping & Laundries

You no longer have to worry about professional cleaning, linen supply or restocking essentials


We have all the trusted professionals to keep your short term rental property in tip top shape. 100% satisfaction.

On Boarding Process

Make the best value out of your time and property


Property Assessment

Book a call or contact us for Airbnb property management. We will take care of the rest. We will assess your property’s potential and give you a realistic and easy-to-read appraisal. All you need to do is sign up and we start working for you!


Listing Creation

We take care of advertising your property, from professional photography to attractive listings on all major platforms. Guests will have all the information and support they need before, during and after their stay.


Start Earning

Relax & enjoy your time with your new increased income. Whenever you want to discuss a change to your listing or you would like to book your home for yourself, let us know and we make all the arrangements on your behalf.


Complete control of your property
in your hands

At Urban Suites Property Management, we keep our owners  informed about how their property is performing. Our team is just a phone call away, but if you want to  quickly have a look at your bookings, we have exactly what you need!

Simple and transparent owner dashboard

Check what is happening at your property 24/7. You can easily track your past performance and see what is happening in the upcoming months. 


Experience a vacation at Urban Suites Tagaytay, as you enjoy our country club amenities like swimming pool, tennis court and basketball court. In this place, you'll never have to walk so far to enjoy when you're just steps away from the heart of the city.


A: Wind Residences, Tagaytay City

M: 0966 651 9708

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